Tips on How to Buy the Best Bedding

Bedding bedspread designs are normally large, square, and very thick, with an almost blanket appearance to them. Bedspread designs do not necessarily have to be traditional bedspread designs. If you are looking for something a bit more unusual, you might consider a bedspread design that incorporates a unique and unusual pattern into the fabric, such as a floral pattern or an animal design.


Bedspread is available in a wide variety of fabric choices, but perhaps the most popular are those made from cotton. Some of the other popular bedspread materials include linen and brocade. Linen is generally considered to be a luxury, as it tends to get very dirty quite easily. However, if your budget is tight, a linen bedspread can be a great way to add a nice touch to a room. Brocade can be a great choice if you want a fancy pattern, and it is often more affordable than cotton.

Bedspread fits 140 cm beds with approx. 60 cm drop on each side.

Can be used as bedspread for a single size bed or as a large size blanket.

Fits beds up to 180 cm wide since the blanket is stretchable.

INGRUN Throw, grey 130×170 cm

Soft and quilted – you can snuggle up and feel cosy under this bedspread. The quilting adds a decorative detail and an extra layer of warmth making your bedroom the comfy retreat it should be.

The bedspread fits 140 cm bed with approx. 45 cm drop on each side.

The bedspread is made of linen, a hard-wearing natural material with a slightly irregular texture.

The thicker threads woven into the cotton fabric give this bedspread a lively texture.

This bedspread is lightweight and super-soft and works perfectly as an extra layer of warmth and snugness when you need it – but be aware, it might make getting out of bed just a little bit harder.

This light pink knitted throw in acrylic and cotton is nice to wrap around you to feel cosy on the balcony or on the sofa indoors.

This patchwork bedspread made out of fabrics in different patterns gives your bed a vibrant, decorative look and extra warmth and comfort for you.

This woven polyester bedspread gives your bed a vibrant, decorative look and extra warmth and comfort for you.

VARELD Bedspread, dark grey 230×250 cm

This can give you a great new look for a fraction of the cost of buying new bedding. A simple change can make a big difference. Bed spreads, like any type of bedding, are an investment in a home and will last for a long time. Although some people choose to clean their bedspreads once a year, there are also some who use their bedspread daily and it has been with them all of their life, possibly longer. You should use some type of water repellent detergent to clean the fabric in your bedspread.


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