Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Romantic Summer Nights

Summer is here, and it’s time to get away from your computer screen and the lawn mower. Get out some rope, some scrap metal from your home repair store, some sand and some spray paint. Throw it all together, and you have Backyard Fire Pit Ideas that will have your neighbors asking you to please keep off the grass. You can make this happen, with just a little bit of your time and a lot of creativity. Look at these great ideas for backyard fire pit seating area and make this happen in just an hour!

Outdoor Wood Fire Pits is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in style. You can build these yourself or take advantage of ready-made kits. There is something special about having a wood campfire right there in your backyard. It allows family and friends to come close and spend time with one another. You have so many Backyard Fire Pit Ideas to choose from, like building an outdoor wood fire pit bench. This is a great idea for when you have company over.

A square or rectangular fire pit made of concrete has an industrial edge to it.

All eyes are on this fire pit, thanks to the hypnotizing pathway that leads us there in this backyard designed by Janice Parker Design.

Designer Bonnie Edelman created this outdoor feature as a gathering place for friends and family.

If you just want a fire pit that feels low-key and inviting, a classic cast iron bowl will do the trick.

It doesn’t take much to make a backyard feel magical, no matter the size.

Just looking at the incredible view in Thom Filicia’s yard puts you in a more relaxing frame of mind.

Keep your sitting area away from the splashing zones if your backyard also has a swimming pool.

Leave it to the Jonathan Adler-designed Parker hotel in Palm Springs.

Made this outdoor fire pit stand out even more by adding custom cushions to the built-in bench.

Make sure to take measurements and think about the shapes of yoru preexisting pieces before falling in love with a fire pit.

This open-basin cast iron fire pit is so simple and yet, so stunning — the perfect addition to any backyard.

This recessed lounge area designed by Studio Life.

To make it feel like a special area, set the fire pit apart from the rest of the space by enclosing it with a border of rocks.

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas include building a permanent outdoor fire pit, an in-ground, chiminea or portable unit. Many people prefer the outdoor wood burning fireplace, because it allows them more flexibility for entertaining. They do not want the hassle of building an outdoor fireplace every time they need a grill, for example. A permanent outdoor wood fire pit makes sense. You can use brick, stone, sandstone or concrete. These materials can be cut into the shape you desire.

When you want to create a cozy area to hangout, place benches in your yard. This area can be very inviting, even during the cold months. It also makes it easier to keep food, drinks, and snacks within easy reach. When there’s plenty of seating area, you can make a larger area where you can grill out.

A Backyard Fire pit and patio can be used for many activities. For example, during football games, you can set up a table near the corner so that you can have a beverage to drink while you watch your team play. During the holidays, you can decorate your area with lights and candles. However, you should avoid creating an outdoor living area for Halloween. You can decorate the patio with decorations, but you should probably not add a fire pit.


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