Use Living Room Inspiration To Decorate Your Home

Many people feel that a living room is simply a room where a sofa sits on and a couch sleeps on top. Exposed walls, an outdated couch, and comfortable seating, what could be more perfect than spending a lazy afternoon reading in such a relaxing living room? This farmhouse, nestled in picturesque Napa County, combines rustic and industrial elements to create an open, spacious living space. The style is similar to that of many vintage country homes, but it still manages to look uniquely modern.

The rustic cabinetry, wooden floors, and wrought iron accents are all inspired by the old country, but the style is still modern enough to fit right in with today’s home decorating trends. It has a laid back, comfortable feel. The floor plan is very simple: four main “working” areas, two dining rooms, and one master bedroom. The home also has two bathrooms and a patio area.

Outdoor Living Area

This is a room with a lot of character. In fact, the owner even created an outdoor living area complete with barbecues and chairs. A large fireplace in the living room gives the room the warmth of a warm summer day. On the other side of the room, a beautiful garden gives the room a serene atmosphere. It seems as if the home is on a private plantation with its comfortable and well-kept grounds.


Because the master bedroom and dining rooms are so close to each other, many guests can be seen entering the room through the kitchen or bathroom. It’s an easy way to avoid having to open all the doors while talking with guests. Also, there is plenty of light in this large room, even during the night. It creates a cozy ambiance that allows everyone to get to know one another quickly.

The living room is a great place to watch television with friends and family. The large room holds two couches and three chairs, which make it a perfect place to enjoy a movie. There are also two separate eating areas: a large dining table that seats several people; a small, corner dining table; and a bar with a barstool. perfect for entertaining guests.

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This table has a traditional look with details like turned legs for extra flair.

Slidell Chaise Lounge.

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It’s a comfortable place to relax with the family. The two bedrooms are spacious and have their own bathrooms, so there is plenty of room to dine out or just sit in one room. These rooms also contain an extra large living room couch, a bed, an entertainment center, and an attractive fireplace. It’s not uncommon to see a few books on these tables, but this cozy country feel only adds to the beauty of the area.


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