Living Room Inspiration For Creating an Elegant Living Space

Redesigning or designing your living room can sometimes be an extremely daunting task. Depending on your particular tastes, desires, and preferences there are several considerations to make when designing or redesigning the living area. Lighting, color scheme, and overall aesthetic choices are just the beginning however but there are some timeless tips to follow that will simplify the process of designing or redesigning your living space. The focal point of any room should be the central focus of interest for the homeowner. The type of paint or wall covering you choose for your room’s design and interior is equally important as well.


Color coordination is an important component of any design. Colors should flow and appear harmonious with each other. While most people think of the living area as a place to entertain guests, it is also a room that can be utilized for relaxation. Therefore, color schemes and patterns need to be carefully considered. A well-designed living area that features neutral or bright colors is often the best option.

Using the correct furniture and accessories in your living space allows you to create an illusion of space and movement. As such, furniture placement plays an important role in the entire decorating scheme of a room. If you are planning to put furniture in the living space, the size and shape of the furniture will play a major part in the overall design and layout of the room.

A lively with dark grey walls as a flaming backdrop and gallery walls.

Laid-back with grey sofa, contemporary armchair and striped footstool.

Modern green living room with fretwork wallpaper and grey sofa.

Rustic country living with wood burner, exposed beams and glam furniture.

White living room with grey sofa and colourful cushions.

Eclectic modern with grey walls and pink doors.

Grey living room with brightly coloured triangle rug.

Bright yellow living room with ash sofa.

Modern grey living room with characterful photo wall with uniformed black frames.

The size of the furniture in a room is another important factor in deciding the appropriate furniture for the room. The placement of furniture can be dictated by the amount of space available in a given room. Some furniture pieces may even have storage cabinets and drawers for storing smaller items.



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