Very Popular Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse Style are a great blend of European and traditional styles. The rustic look is best suited to homes located in more rural areas. The main items to purchase include vintage glassware, metal figurines, and copper canisters. To further enhance the rustic look, choose red and black accessories and rustic wall decor.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Farmhouse Style combines the beauty of the southern plantation houses with modern concepts to create a cozy country kitchen. Rustic kitchen cabinets can be created in either a more contemporary design or a more rustic style. If you’re opting for a more contemporary, rustic look, choose granite worktops, natural stone countertops, wood hardware, and glass accents. On the other hand, if you want a more rustic country kitchen, choose natural wood cabinets, redecorate with redecorating accessories like a rooster, and add wooden flooring.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Covers Natural wood is an excellent choice when it comes to creating a rustic kitchen cabinet design. Try looking for faux oak accents, distressed maple trim, and distressed pine wood veneers. Try to use accessories that match with the overall color palette used in your kitchen. For instance, if you have light coloring cabinets, you can opt to use deep forest green accents and similarly, if you have a dark color kitchen, you can use earth-tone colors such as off-white, beige, and brown. Glass accents and knobs, hardware, and doors are also excellent choices to complement a country kitchen interior.

Rustic Look in Your Kitchen Cabinets

Weathered Paint Looks – This is another way to create a rustic look in your kitchen cabinets. You may opt to go for faded or weathered paint which is reminiscent of the old country homes in your area. Alternatively, you may also opt to paint your kitchen cabinets with modern paint colors. However, for best results, you should use paint that is slightly off-white, beige, light tan, or light brown. You may even use these shades to create the same effect of old barn woods.

Barn Wooden Flooring – If you are striving for a rustic look in your kitchen, you can add to it by using wooden flooring. Try looking for reclaimed wood to use for flooring. This would certainly add warmth to the room as well as an artistic touch to your kitchen. Aside from reclaimed wood, you can also use particle board to decorate your kitchen with a rustic look. Moreover, you may opt to install wooden blinds or wooden panels to give the room a more authentic look. Lastly, you may also opt to install ceramic tiles made of clay to give your kitchen a more authentic look.

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Natural Wood Shaker – To complete the Rustic Kitchen Cabinet, the last thing that you need is a natural wood shaker. If you want to add a more rustic accent to your cabinets, you can simply stain them with a reddish-brown stain. Some stains will even come with a natural wood shaker to make it even easier. Stained wood shakers are the most popular accent you can find in the market today to go with your rustic style cabinets.


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