Pergola Ideas to Keep Cool This Summer

There are so many great ideas for pergola these days. What used to be an outdoor space used for entertaining has now become a place to entertain your guests in addition to serving as a place to relax in. Pergola, even if you only have them on one side of the yard can be a great way to brighten up the whole backyard, while at the same time creating a nice focal point in the back yard.

The best way to use pergolas is to create an entertainment area. Think of something you like and that can be used often. Perhaps it is a barbeque grill or something similar. Or perhaps you love to take long walks outside. The possibilities are endless.

Pergolas can also serve as a natural lighting source. You don’t need to put solar panels on them to make this work. If you get lucky enough to have them in an area where the sun comes out at different times of the day, this can be even better! You can even use them in the evening when the sun is going down to create a nice glow. Pergolas can also be used as an extra deck. This can be especially helpful if your home is large enough.

A great way to make the most out of your outdoor deck is to build your pergola with a retractable roof. Most people don’t realize how much rain falls on the grounds of the house. A retractable roof will allow you to open up the patio to enjoy a nice sunny day, while also preventing water from getting on the ground.

Great Outdoor Pergola Ideas

Other great outdoor pergola ideas include putting a slide in your pergola. Outdoor lighting can also make your outdoor area a great place to hang out. Most people tend to turn their patio areas into a shady area during the day and a nice spot to relax and entertain guests at night. With outdoor lighting, you can change the whole ambiance of your porch.

A Walk In The Woods Repurposed Wooden Pergola.

Bali Blinds Slatted Pergola.

Big Sur Style Rustic Pergola.

Corner Cabin Style Pergola With Lantern.

Island Bar Pergola Awning.

Island Thatching Pergola Cover.

Mediterranean Screen Style Pergola.

Moonlight Drive Parkside Pergola.

Orchard Ambiance Thatched Pergola.

Polynesian Bliss Poolside Pergola.

Provincial Cottage Pergola Setting With Hammock.

Summer At The Hamptons Patio Pergola.

Tropical Parlor Outdoor Pergola Set.

Urban Escape Rooftop Pergola.

Outdoor pergolas have become a staple in many homes. When it comes to finding a great set, there are so many great styles, colors and materials to choose from. One of the best ways to find great outdoor pergola ideas is to visit online websites.

Many of these websites will even help you design your own outdoor space. You can use their ideas to help you create a unique outdoor living area. You may want to try to create a unique outdoor patio that is unique to your home. It doesn’t matter what kind of space you have available, you can find great outdoor pergola ideas. just by taking a little time to look around online.


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