How To Make A Scandinavian Bathroom

Many people wonder what is so different about a Scandinavian bathroom. It is not because they have the “traditional” look but because of their use of color. In general, a Scandinavian bathroom tends to be all-white; white, white. You will also find gray and black spaces, where white adds drama to a room. What is so unique about white in particular? The color white often evokes feelings of peace and calmness. The calming white color, combined with the neutral shades of beige and tan can create a soothing atmosphere that is very inviting to guests.

Color Scheme in a Scandinavian Bathroom

The color scheme in a Scandinavian bathroom can be quite different from the scheme used in many American homes. The colors you find in a Scandinavian bathroom are brighter and much more dramatic. These colors often have a bright contrast to the neutral shades like beige and tan. As a result, the colors in a Scandinavian bathroom often stand out and create a different feeling from the rest of the room.

A contemporary bathroom, by contrast, can be very subdued. Both contemporary and minimalist bathrooms use color schemes that use colors that stand out and draw attention. While a traditional Scandinavian bathroom uses white and beige to give the room a neutral look, a contemporary Scandinavian bathroom will typically use more vivid colors to add drama and sparkle.

A simple, suitable potted plant on a shelf is all you need to welcome the trend into your home.

Accent strong bathroom colours with foliage.

Classic blue bathroom with beautifully plastered walls.

Consider the light requirements.

Create outdoor shower vibes.

Fill the corner of the bathroom with a fern.

Go dark and dramatic with grey.

Keep it fresh in off-white and pastel.

Place a single pretty orchid.

Use mirrors to reflect foliage.

Utilise the ceiling for hanging plants.

White bathroom with freestanding tub and bunting.

Once you have decided on your color scheme, you can go from there. The colors you choose for your walls will have an impact on the colors you chose for your accessories. You don’t want your bathroom to be too loud, but neither do you want it to be too subdued. After you have your color scheme in place, you can begin to plan out the decor of your new Scandinavian bathroom. Start by browsing online to see how many pictures are available for each of the rooms.


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